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Excellence is a habit that is worked on every day, at all times

Thank you ☺️.. you are my savior you have no idea!! Thank you for everything!!.

Miranda Ray. Ingeniería

I would never change my Cleaner Erendira, I appreciate her attention to detail! her job is great.

Jack lawr. Computar engineer sistem

Hola Erendira ( Deeply) Un millón de gracias por el trabajo duro y el cuidado que le hicieron a la limpieza, y por los mensajes que me mandaste para los detalles adicionales" Todo super útil. Como les tomó tanto tiempo te mandé un bono adicional.

Eduardo E. computer engineer

We highly recommend Erendira. She cleans our home every two weeks and does a great job. She is very professional, cordial, and knowledgeable about cleaning chemicals and techniques. She is punctual communicates well over SMS texts, and does a great job cleaning our home. She frequently asks for feedback and adjusts well to her client´s preferences. Thank you Erendira!.

Eduardo B.

Erendira is incredible. She´s never late, never sick, her work is impeccable, timely, she's responsive, she does everything just as I like it-no-better than I like it to be done. Who am I kidding, I can't clean the way she can. Erendira is amazing.

Shannon Marie c.

This review is for Erendira, the awesome cleaner that Handy sent us! She was on time, used all of her all products which were all good quality and even brought her own vacum! My house is spotless, clean, smelling wonderful! Definitely recommend Handy and they people they are working with!.

Thais F.

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